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Lyric Fruit & Nut High Energy Mix

A high energy blend of fruit & nuts

Keep the hungry birds coming with Lyric Fruit & Nut High Energy Mix. It provides the balanced nutrition wild birds crave: nuts for the long-lasting energy from protein and fats, and fruits to provide sugar for an instant boost. With zero fillers, wild birds can easily spot the nutritional ingredients and will be drawn to your backyard feeder to enjoy the gourmet goodies.

Feeder Tips

Because Lyric Fruit & Nut High Energy Mix contains shelled nuts and pre-hulled seeds, it is important to use a feeder that protects them from snow and rain. If these unshelled nuts & seeds get wet or damp, they will spoil quickly. Be sure to use a feeder specifically designed for nut mixes as the large pieces may otherwise clog the feeder.

The Ingredients Birds Love

True to its name, Lyric Fruit & Nut High Energy Mix is 70% dried fruit & nuts. It’s a hand-crafted blend of shelled peanuts, almonds, cashews, pecans, corn, black oil sunflower, sunflower kernels, pistachios, dried cranberries, shelled pumpkin seeds and raisins. Birds such as robins, thrushes, bluebirds, and waxwings don’t usually show up at feeders because seeds are not a major component of their diet, but you may be able to tempt them to your feeder by offering mixes that contain fruit.

Premium Bird Food for Your Feathered Friends

Lyric’s Fruit & Nut High Energy Mix is created using nutritional, all-natural ingredients for your backyard friends. Each morsel included is intended to attract and nourish birds. Our blend is research-based and field-tested, adjusted one ingredient at a time so you can be sure the wild bird mixes you serve will attract a wide variety of birds.

Product Description

Lyric Fruit and Nut Wild Bird Food contains no fillers and provides high energy. Attracts chickadees, robins, orioles, blue jays, titmice, buntings, cardinals, grosbeaks, towhees, nuthatches and Cedar Waxwings. Contains nuts, roasted and shelled peanuts, Valencia peanuts, almonds, pecans, cashews, pistachios, cranberries, raisins, sunflower kernels, shelled pumpkin seeds, crimped corn…

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